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What is Qanopy?

Qanopy is a global innovation consulting firm based in the Silicon Valley. We partner with our clients to tackle the big challenges of our time by bringing new ideas to life. While disruption is critical to break ahead of the competition, the risks are just as high. Qanopy will help you lower your risk and identify opportunities to expand your portfolio with long-term, sustainable, lines of business. Qanopy specializes in the commercialization of deep technology to help your business achieve its vision and build on its success.

Our Services

To accelerate innovation, we focus on three essential areas.

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Qanopy provides a deep understanding of your competitive edge, potential business applications, and the technology development path to get to product.

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Go To Market

Qanopy identifies target applications, refines your value proposition, and develops the business development plan to take your technology to market.

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Go To Business

Qanopy engages with pilot customers, helps create a sustainable business model, and transitions market development to your own full-time team.

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Our Clients

At Qanopy, we help our clients turn innovation into competitive advantage. As the leading authority on go-to-market solutions, our team delivers high-impact results for high-performing companies. We act as an extension of our clients teams, providing the expertise to improve effectiveness, drive results and accelerate revenue growth.

How We're

Our People

Each partner has 25+ years real-world innovation consulting experience with a deep expertise across a myriad of industries, technologies and geographies.

Our Projects

We make sure our projects are individually scoped to meet our clients' needs with actionable and pragmatic deliverables. Never over-engineered. Never over-priced.

Our Approach

We seamlessly integrate with our clients' teams and willingly adjust to the client's desired pace. Equally important, we respectfully challenge conventional wisdom to maintain your edge through thoughtful disruption.

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Our insights and perspectives on everything innovation and commercialization.

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Your Winning Value Proposition

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Our Latest Book


If you are expanding your business into international markets, you know the value of planning. Taking your business global carries many risks—and many rewards. To reap the benefits of such a move, you need strategies and tactics that make international business successful.

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