Go To Market

Qanopy identifies target applications, refines your value proposition, and develops the business development plan to take your technology to market


Identify Your Ideal Customer Profile

Qanopy starts by evaluating multiple industries for market size, barriers to entry, and pervasive business needs in order to identify the sector with the most promising path to engage your first customers. After finding the most promising industry, Qanopy maps the value chain, by segmenting out suppliers, strategic partners and end-users.

Validate Lead Applications and Pilot Users

Qanopy then leverages its extensive network in Silicon Valley to validate your value proposition with market experts to ensure the success metrics match the reality of the selected business area.



Develop Your Go-To-Market Plan

Finally, Qanopy uses the industry value chain map to find the market trendsetters, target geographic markets, and identify pilot users. Within those users, Qanopy maps out key stakeholders, decision-makers and influencers to define the paths and tools needed to reach them. Qanopy summarizes these insights into a Go-to-Market plan.