Go To Product

Qanopy provides a deep understanding of your competitive edge, potential business applications, and the technology development path to get to product.


Discover Your Unique Differentiators

Qanopy first conducts a competitive analysis using specifications from existing products, announced products, and known development roadmaps.  Qanopy summarizes the key information into a matrix to find your unique differentiators and guide future product development decisions.

Create Your Value Proposition

Qanopy then identifies potential market sectors, analyzes market trends, compiles major players, and proposes unique business applications for your technology. We conduct a workshop to share these findings and evaluate the most promising paths forward. Qanopy then uses a proprietary research methodology to understand your selected market’s size and barriers to entry, in order to create your future product’s value proposition.



Initial Product Development Plan

Finally, Qanopy uses your value proposition to create a product concept and identify the highest business and technology development risks. Qanopy then identifies potential mitigation strategies and potential partners that can reduce your time-to-market and time-to-money. Qanopy summarizes these insights into an initial product development plan.