Go To Business

Qanopy engages with pilot customers, helps create a sustainable business model, and transitions market development to your own full-time team.


Pipeline Building

To start, Qanopy carries out a complete analysis of your business from a commercial perspective to understand your organization’s partnerships and existing capabilities.  At the same time, Qanopy creates the marketing materials and builds the pipeline required to maintain a productive business development organization.

Reference Site Transitioning

Next, Qanopy supports your brand’s position as a thought leader by evangelizing your new product through speaking engagements, webinars, and targeted outreach campaigns. Your company and Qanopy then collaborate to establish relationships with prospective pilot users and build a pipeline to find initial customers. Qanopy uses its extensive network to assist you in setting up meetings, negotiating pricing and deal terms, as well as identifying which customers could best serve as initial references or strategic growth partners.



Go Forward Business Plan

Following pilot user engagement, Qanopy summarizes the key learnings into a "sales motion" and transitions the sales playbook to your team.